Cochino Y Los Pistoleros

Shit-kickin’, beer-drinkin’, weed-smokin’ country music.

Through barroom bands and brawls, drunken misadventures, illegal activities, terrible horsemanship and some charismatic gun play, the Pistoleros came to the attention of a gruesome creature (feared by all, loved by none) known only as “Cochino”. Cochino surrounds himself with the best of the worst. He loves only music, liquor, guns, weed, and women (in that order). In his travels he discovered a band whose players had all the most detestable qualities: the Pistoleros. He hired them to be the house band in his favorite brothel: the Dry Gulch Saloon. Out of the smoke stained walls, beer soaked floors and dim, sweaty bedrooms came the sounds of none other than the likes of Cochino y los Pistoleros. The rest is stuff of legend and history in the making. (tall tales included)

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