Antonio 'El Borracho

Antonio “El Borracho” Cochino

WANTED: Extreme excess of all of the below XXX.
KNOWN FOR: Vocals, Boot Scootin’, Washboard, Cervesa, y Rye.  Likes senoritas, pistolas, agua en fuego, y mota
FROM: A wolf’s den in the foothills

Kylito 'Pepinillo' Cochino

Kylito “Pepinillo” Cochino

WANTED: Habitual offender of taking life too serious.
KNOWN FOR: Low down, dirty rotten bass player.  Cooks the best tastin’ eggs from the Heartland of America.
FROM: Danville, IL

Matteo 'El Caballero' Cochino

Matteo “El Caballero” Cochino

WANTED: Continues to argue that last call is actually happy hour.
KNOWN FOR: Acoustic and Electric Guitarra.  This son of a gun had to get outta there in order to position himself to get in there.
FROM: Battle Creek, MI

RB 'El Marco De Fabricantes' Cochino

RB “El Marco De Fabricantes” Cochino

WANTED: Illegal activities too numerous to mention and too heinous to describe.
KNOWN FOR: Lead Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel, Vocals.
FROM: The underbelly of Chicago’s dirty south side

Josh 'Senor Ban-Jovi' Cochino

Josh “Senor Ban-Jovi” Cochino

WANTED: Frequents the right place at the wrong time.
KNOWN FOR: Pickin’ and Grinnin’ Banjo.  Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Likes hot sauce and turtles.
FROM: Joliet, Mattoon, & Chicago, IL

>Alejandro 'Al' Cochino

Alejandro “Al” Cochino

WANTED: Theft of every E-014 gauge strings from all guitar stores in Cook, Lake (IL & IN), DuPage, Will, McHenry, Kane, Grundy, Kenosha (WI), and Champaign counties.
KNOWN FOR: Pedal Steel, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals.  Once killed a six pack, just to watch it die.
FROM: Chicago, IL

Lance 'El Latir' Cochino

Lance “El Latir” Cochino

WANTED: Calls too many sad songs and waltzes.
KNOWN FOR: Drums and Vocals.  Likes two-bit towns and big-dollar cities.    Prefers bourbon, then beer.
FROM: Redwood Falls, MN